Operation Courtain Fall



Soviet Airborne forces have established a strong defensive position for their Field Artillery, in the Southwest of Hellanmaa. Our Battalion HQ, located in the Northeast, has been taking accurate fire from these Field Guns.

As part of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, we are going on the offensive to neutralize this threat. 7 Kilometers seperate us from the enemy guns.

We will heavily rely on our Tanks and APC’s to quickly push through advanced Recce Forces, and catch their over-extended assets off guard.

The enemy also has medium and long range AAA assets, denying our jets from providing accurate Close Air Support. We will have utility Helicopters providing logistical support, quick transport and light CAS in.

Our assets consist of Several Sheridans, M48A3 Pattons, and multiple variations of the M113 APC.


You can find the Operation schedule on our Calendar: https://hunters-company.com/forum/app.php/calendar/2021/9




Take a look at our teaser screenshots!



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