Bob the Builder – Mission Making Event

Send a pm to LCpl.Panther when participating.

This contest will serve to check out individual mission making and editing skills.

The task is the following: To create the best military base/compound.



1: you can only use the base mission making mod-pack(found in official-announcements channel).

2: you can only use the following maps: Altis, Stratis, Malden, virtual realty.

3: you can’t use existing military compounds

4: the base must be build before 06/11/2021

5: make sure it is playable with base game and the base mission making-modpack



Points will be given in the following categories:

5 Points for realism;

5 Points for playability;

5 Points for scripting;

5 Points for overall performance;

5 Points for detail.

The winner of this contest will win a 10 euro steam gift card and will be revelead on Friday, 12th of November.


Bases built during Mission Making, for Ultramar 2021 (by JP) and Non-official Operations (by Panther)

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