Hunters Company is an established international Milsim Group. Our aim is to perform in a semi realistic enviornment. We consist of hundreds of like minded players who have come together to form this amazing family. We operate on NA and EU timezones alike.

The HC Family

Since our establishment we’ve amassed many years of experience amongst our ranks, from civillian and military personnel alike who give everything to this amazing community.

HC is formed around a group of great quality members – a family in its own right – who maintain a perferct balance between the high seriousness of milsim and the casualness of a tight knit group.

We pride in providing our players with an immersive, fun and epic experience in Arma 3, while working together with all of our members to achieve these memorable moments. 

We strive for excellence as a family.


What do we do?

Our operations are organised and played with a Zeus controlled environment in mind, offering great flexibility and diversity.

We take pride in great mission making which creates immersive and realistic operations for our playerbase.

Our campaigns have 3 main focuses: Modern Day Warfare, WW2  and Cold War Era conflicts.  All Operations aim to provide a realistic experience, that ranges from Historical Reenactment to “What If?” scenarios.

In addition, we also host unofficial operations, which are created and hosted by members who wish to become established mission makers and zeus within the community. 

We regularly host Multi Unit Events, including the famous 12Hour OP events that amass over 100 Players from many different units. 

The community regularly plays other games, which helps the bonding between our veterans and newer members.


What do we expect from you?

We like people who can be fun and have a good sense of humor, but can also be mature and serious during missions.

We expect new members to be loyal and friendly to the family they chose to join. In HC there is no place for drama, and every General Staff decision is straightforward and transparent to everyone.

Our members are not expected to call anyone “Sir” or by rank  –   we do expect a basic level of maturity and respect for all members of this family.


Our Organization

Hunters Company consists of 3 main branches, which include the Army Infantry, HC Armored Brigade (HCAB) and the HC Air Force (HCAF). 

The main infantry core is also subdivided in a dedicated medical group, whose dedication and knowledge are the base to the survival of the playerbase. 

Our ground structure consists of 1 or 2 Platoons, subdivided in their respective Squads and Fire Teams.

We regularly mobilize armored and air assets.


Final Notes

HC has an age restriction. We are looking for mature people over the age of 16, but we’re also open for exceptions from players of 14+, given that they show maturity and helpfulness to the community.

We are currently open for new members and cooperation events with other units.

All communication will be done in English


How to contact us?


Recruitment Team:

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